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Below you can see some of my web-based data visualization projects. View my resume or view my github profile.

Rivers of the World

An interactive globe of all water on the world, inspired by the wind map.

What's your ecotone?

A visualization of survey responses to the prompt "What's your ecotone?" for the tenth anniversary edition of Ecotone Magazine.

DIY Middle Class

There is no formal definition of the "middle class", yet it is used frequently in public debate. Most Americans think that they belong to it, politicians represent it, but what is it?

This piece explores this fuzzy notion of "middle class". An interactive program was created that asks users to provide a definition of middle class. The program uses 2010 Census data to show how Americans across the country fit into the definition. The user is also asked to provide their age and education background to show the user's personal demographic. The images shown here are the results of that work.

This piece was part of the exhibit POORQUALITY: INEQUALITY

Hollywood's Cultural Reach

When a movie is released by Hollywood it is watched Domestically and Internationally. But not all movies are released everywhere, and movies are received with varying levels of acclaim. Use this page to find out where movies are popular. See how strong Hollywood's dominance is of foreign movie houses.

I made this piece for the Information Is Beautiful Hollywood DataViz Challenge. It made the long list.


Since forever we have 'discovered' curious patterns in numbers. The numerical options listed on this page only scratch the surface of all the patterns we have found. There are over 181,000 different patterns that we have named. Use this interactive place to find patterns yourself.

Eating Constraints

In the US we have a whole variety of packaged foods to choose from. But, what if you are allergic to soy or wheat? What if you're vegetarian? This interactive graphic lets you explore the topic of nutrition.

This page was designed for the Vizathalon contest in August, 2011. It won Best in Show.

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